1)  Simply fill out your name and email address.

2)  Drink a tall, cool glass of OJ and relax, because it’s that simple!

3)  We will email you when we are launching products and running our promotions to let you know which products are available for you to try for FREE in exchange for an honest review on Amazon.  We will then provide you a coupon code to receive the item for free on Amazon.  (NOTE:  Free shipping in the US only.  International rates will apply.  If you live outside of the US and wish to participate in the program, you will still receive the product free, and only pay for the shipping… which is still mighty sweet!)

4)  Tell your friends, tell strangers, tell everyone!  Because spacing in this program is limited and acceptance into the Select Club will end when all spaces are filled.

Select Club members are regularly entered to win $25 Amazon gift cards!


–  Select Club members are entered into regular contests to win gift cards from Amazon, just for submitting their reviews and sharing on social!  Super duper simple!

Items of Note:


–  An Amazon account IS REQUIRED.

–  An honest opinion IS REQUIRED.

–  Spaces in this program are LIMITED, and this offer will expire when filled.

–  For every person that signs up, we give a stranger a hug in their honor.

–  By being part of the Select Club, you may set off the Awesome alarm when traveling in airports.

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